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“There’s a special place in hell reserved for women who don’t help other women”


 – Madeleine Albright

To think that women have made great strides in creating an equal working world is akin to believing in Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny. Working as coaches for many years, we have been witness to just about every barrier blocking career success and workplace crimes. Yet for us, watching successful professional women behave badly towards other women at work remains one of the more disgraceful displays of primitive and corrosive behaviour we have ever seen. Alpha she-males blocking their female colleagues rise up the ranks is reaching epic proportions in modern day workplaces and is a key contributor to the ongoing war for women to achieve equality.

Despite the fact that the incidence of women sabotaging other women at work is pervasive, it remains a phenomenon cloaked in silence. This is because the situation is known all too well most people don’t know what to do about it and, don’t want to talk about it. In fear of being labelled “politically incorrect”, or as discriminatory the subject remains a taboo issue that isn’t given air-time.

The father of evolutionary theory Charles Darwin gave us an explanation for female-on-female bitch fighting. He said that same-sex hostility is natural and expected when animals are competing for scarce resources and fighting for survival. If we listened to Darwin, we might even believe that, like our canine counterparts, bitch behaviour is so entrenched in women at a primal level that being able to control these urges is a battle against biology.

No matter which way you slice it, most people regardless of sex, when confronted with women behaving badly, are ill equipped to deal with them and end up either leaving the organisation or, becoming a victim. If it’s true that managers spend about 42% of their time managing workplace conflict then trying to avoid dealing with the bitches at work will leave you worse off and is not a good career strategy. Learning to better manage bullying behaviours at work is the only solution.

Researchers confirm that having these skills will lead to increased overall personal and organisational productivity and effectiveness. This means that leaders who can learn to manage women mistreating others at work can come up trumps in building competitive advantage for both themselves and the company they work for. In the same way, greater career success for just about anyone who can learn to both identify and deal with bitches at work is more likely.

In this challenging and highly powerful book, two well-known coaching psychologists join forces to expose the reality of the queen bee syndrome and the stark truth behind unconscious discrimination. They share very real and moving personal stories and hard data from detailed research to lend credence to the issues at play.   Most importantly, real remedies are suggested in hopes of combating these controversial realities in today’s world of work. This is a must read for every working woman in today’s society.


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Lives changed

Bitch Fight is an important book for women who are being bullied and for organisational leaders who want to make a difference. If you are a woman bullied or suppressed by someone else the book is an essential resource for explaining the probable reasons for the asocial behaviour inflicted on you and ideas on what you can do about it. For organisational leaders the book provides a call to action for knowing what to watch for, understanding the trauma that bullying can cause and for the setting of standards that you are prepared to tolerate and not tolerate.

Andrew O’KeeffeAuthor the Hardwired Humans and The Boss

Women bullying women in the workplace is an organizational sickness that must be cured. This book shines a spotlight on the problem, educates through examples, and gives both women and men the tools they need to fix it. Bitch Fight is a must read for everyone is all areas of business.

Darcy NyboCanadian Author & Founder Artistic Warrior Publishers (Canada)

Bitch Fight is a must read for women who are being bullied. Workplace bullying increases the risk of depression, anxiety, chronic stress, suicidal thoughts and behaviours.Bitch Fight has helped several of my female patients make sense of their suicidal ideation and most importantly understand that they are not alone, offering strategies and tips for handling toxic bullies. It’s imperative to keep the conversation going and to keep encouraging each other to speak up

Donna StambulichClinical Psychology Director Cognitive Psychology Centre