If the Chinese Communist Party and the Iraqi military have identified that leaders who can think globally is critical for their long-term survival, it’s probably time for Australian employers to do the same.

The Australian workplace has rapidly moved away from the traditional white bread Aussie worker toward a globally diverse one, yet leaders are not necessarily equipped with the skills to manage the very unique set of challenges that comes with a more internationalised work force. This is largely due to the fact that most of our experience comes from working with immigrants from English-speaking countries.

A key step in the right direct includes building organisational competence around working with and managing people from diverse cultures. As part of this hiring managers should be seriously evaluating global leadership mindset as a core leadership competency if they want to get their organisations future ready and retain competitive advantage.

Leaders with a Global Mindset know about cultures and political and economic systems in other countries and understand how their global industry works. They are passionate about diversity and are willing to push themselves. They are comfortable with being uncomfortable in uncomfortable environments. They are also better able to build trusting relationships with people who are different from them by showing respect and empathy and by being good listeners.

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