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Supercharge your assessments

The key to supercharging your organisation and it’s long-term performance lies in knowing your people what makes them tick. Research shows us that critical people decisions are still made through a romantic lens. As much as we would like to rely on our gut or the chemistry we feel in that first encounter, instincts will not provide the scientific accuracy needed to make important hiring, promotion and development decisions.

Scientifically valid psychometric assessments will enhance your decision-making accuracy by up to 85% by providing organisations with a better understanding of their people, leading to sounder decisions in hiring, developing and assigning staff. From an individual perspective, they provide a framework to better understand unique interests, motivations, aptitudes and current and potential competency levels. From an organisational perspective, an indication of overall talent bench strength is made possible upon which to make critical people decisions.

Deliver with Confidence

As business psychologists and globally recognised experts improviding ability, personality, motivation and values assessments to evaluate potential, select the right people for the right roles and assist our clients better develop or manage their careers. Our services focus on:

Individual capability and aptitude testing

We offer a range of services for hiring/selection, talent management, career development, performance management

Large scale organisational assessments

For the purposes of recruitment, selection, promotion, succession, people reassignment during M&As

Bespoke Assessments

We offer bespoke assessment services tailored to your specific needs

Executive Assessment

Reinvention has a lauded team of business psychologists who deliver deep impact Executive Assessment Services for the purposes of Selection, Development and Alignment. The list to the right describes what a typical assessment would likely incorporate.

Our executive assessments extends to the board level, with bespoke board effectiveness evaluation and development solutions

  1. Executive-level success profiling
  2. Psychometric assessment (personality/values/ability – the “can do and will do)
  3. 360 feedback measures (influence & impact)
  4. behavioural event interview ( have done)
  5. selection panel support
  6. interview guide development
  7. debrief session & recommendations

Group & Team Diagnostics

At Reinvention we are specialists in diagnosing team effectiveness – a blend of potency, synergy and efficacy.  Our consultants are accredited in all leading team diagnostics. As Business Psychologists we are also able to develop team diagnostic instruments upon request that are specifically tailored to an organisations’ unique culture and context.

Our team effectiveness evaluations illuminate our clients in the following ways:

  1. To provide a collective baseline of team potency and synergy
  2. To identify current strengths and any potential blockers to effective leadership and superior performance amongst team members
  3. To enhance self-awareness and understanding of effective collaboration with a view towards the organisation’s long term sustainable business performance and strategic imperatives
  4. To help teams build a common mind-set around what effective team leadership looks like
  5. To identify preferred behaviours, style and values essential to support future growth and sustain organisational performance
  6. To actively engage team members in shaping the future and creating a desired culture

Salesforce Evaluation

The ability to sell is often what sets leaders apart. With the world morphing at a dizzying speed, the ability to be agile, be persuasive, have anentrepreneurial mindset, negotiate deals and build enduring strategic relationships will be paramount to sustainable business.

Reinvention has partnered with Predictive Insight, one of the top Fortune 500 firm for Sales Effectiveness, to unlock sales potential and accelerate revenue growth for our clients. Together we offer a powerful combination of sales evaluation and performance toolssales training and coaching services that effect measurable and meaningful improvement in an organisation’s ability to drive organic growth.

Our combined expertise has been recognised by leading entrepreneurs and business owners as helping to elevate the act of selling from the transactional to a value-added service.


Discover the Sales Skills Assessment Tool (SSAT) from our trusted partner by clicking the link below

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People & Workforce Analytics

As part of developing your organisations capability and to ensure sustainable outcomes, Reinvention’s Workforce and People Analytics service helps you embed analytics into everyday HR processes by providing training and support on how to track and quantify business impact. Our highly trained people and business analysts specialise in helping our clients to:

  1. Increase people performance by determining what drives high
    performance and by identifying high potentials and future leaders
  2. Meet diversity and inclusion targets by analysing talent pipelines
    and identifying the best levers for improvement
  3. Retain more employees by determining root causes of attrition and
    those individuals most at risk, and then identifying actions to
    protect the workforce

Every business creates a business plan – they are considered essential. But a Workforce Plan – which should ideally accompany the business plan – is frequently overlooked and neglected. Businesses often talk about various expansion ideas, projects and programs, but rarely talk about the number of people required, and the skills and experience they must bring, or even how to attract and recruit them in often difficult or emerging markets in order to implement their goals.

But just how do we do it? Through our tested strategic workforce planning methodology, we’d start by define clear talent-management goals and identify initial hypotheses against which to test the data. We’d then then perform appropriate data gathering and organisational diagnostics to identify critical data sources before aggregating and cleaning it. We’d do analysis to develop predictive models and scenarios which can test business hypotheses and generate further insights. We then work directly with leadership teams and develop implementation plans to convert insights into actions that drive real business value.

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