Reinventing Leadership

The days of the master controller at the summit of an organisation are long gone.

The cornerstone of having an organisation that thrives and prospers lies in having the right leadership in place. At Reinvention, we work to build brave, visionary leaders at all levels to put a dent in the universe. We work with leaders to mobilise their energy and draw them into an intentional journey of transformation and change. We inspire leaders to be deliberate in their choices, intentional in their energy and to consciously reach for the dream of a better future.

Brave Leadership Coaching for Individuals and Teams

The jury is out on whether effective leaders are born or made. At Reinvention Consulting we believe that with real potential, a great character and a willingness to learn most leaders can develop the right behaviours, skills and knowledge to be successful.

Our Coaching Philosophy

Coaching encourages and enables people to take responsibility for their own performance and on-going development by increasing self-awareness and understanding of their current capabilities and potential. Our coaching approach draws on the central tenets of positive psychology with a focus on leveraging strengths, well-being and optimising performance.  Our bold and brave coaching approach impacts our clients at a much more profound level and provides leadership development insights that stimulate sustainable personal and organisational growth. Typical areas in which our clients request our coaching services are:


Identify blockers to life and work to better cope with stress and buffer against mental health challenges


Ignite your passion for work. Rekindle the sense of self-confidence and motivation for work.


Bolster and accelerate your career journey, whether it be getting in the door or getting to that next step.


Equip your leaders with the capability to manage their teams

Our Leadership Development Programs

We believe in creating paradigm-shifting leadership development programs that map to the unique operating environment of every organisation we serve.

We offer leadership development experiences that spark sustained bold and meaningful change with a greater purpose in mind and encourage leaders to think big.

We seek to create super rich connections and heightened collaboration between people to harness the wisdom of the many for outstanding results.

Because of our deep insight into the human psyche we can effect real, life altering change through the shared experiences created.

We help leaders DO leadership.

Velocity – Creating high performance 21st century teams

A 2-day workshop that harnesses the power of collective teams, at any stage of their development to drive superior results with the future in mind

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Elevate – A holistic approach to life and work

A 2-day Energy Management and Work-based Wellness program that focusses on building spiritual awareness, mental fortitude, physical wellness and nutrition for an enriched personal and working life

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Make your mark – Kickstart your high potentials

A 2-day workshop that harnesses the power of collective teams, at any stage of their development to drive superior results with the future in mind

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Revitalise – Transitioning people through organisational change

A 1-day workshop for assisting people transition through organisational changes such as: large scale downsizing, shit-downs, culture shift, mergers & acquisitions, managing demoralised workforces

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Women of influence – The art of strategic influencing and getting ahead

A 1-day workshop for brave, aspiring, emerging and senior women leaders to develop their influencing skills for greater impact

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Punch today in the face – Shifting gears to get future ready

A 2-day resilience and mental agility workshop for peak performance

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Build your core – Awesome vision, purpose and values workshop

A 1-day workshop to co-create an inspiring Vision and Purpose and a clearly defined set of shared values

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Elevate – Coaching skills for high performance

A 2-day foundational Coaching Skills Development program that equips leaders, small business owners, & HR Professionals with the skills to coach, inspire and engage employees, strengthen core leadership capabilities

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I need to talk to you – mastering the art of courageous conversations

A  2-day program mastering the art of having difficult conversations and dealing with difficult people

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Jump start your culture – how to make it happen

A 2-day workshop to help executives and senior managers understand the nuts and bolts of making culture happen, lead the culture journey, and engage organisation-wide support

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Because coaching is an interactive process that grows and develops over time based on knowledge and trust, we believe in creating an environment where our clients can see the options and consequences of a course of action. In our experience, the most powerful coaching occurs through a strong chemistry between a credentialed and experienced coaching practitioner and the client, a focus on aligning personal and business goals and, an approach which is flexible and responsive to real experience in the moment.

We are also specialised in the provision of the following more specialist coaching techniques:

  1. Resilience and High-Performance Coaching drawing upon the tenets of sports psychology and positive psychology, our coaching for resilience builds mental toughness with a focus on sustained high performance
  2. Career Coaching-Coaching for leaders wanting to enhance their careers or transition in their careers. Want to know more click here (program overview)
  3. Shadow Coaching – Fast-paced situational coaching in ‘real-time’, two minds working as one increasing awareness and implementing change on the spot. Ideally suited to executive leaders and teams who must make decisions and act adaptively in intense work environments

Bold Facilitation

We provide high-level, bold facilitation services deeply rooted in business psychology principles and evidence-based learning that result in inspired and enhanced group learning and application. Our strong background in organisational systems and behaviours also ensures that we create a clear line of sight between facilitation goals and broader operational and strategic organisational outcomes.

To create a “wow” facilitation experience we balance a fun and engaging learning experience with a focus on extrapolating tangible outcomes and actions to yield a high value return and spark energy for change.

Our team effectiveness evaluations illuminate our clients in the following ways:

  1. To provide a collective baseline of team potency and synergy
  2. To identify current strengths and any potential blockers to effective leadership and superior performance amongst team members
  3. To enhance self-awareness and understanding of effective collaboration with a view towards the organisation’s long term sustainable business performance and strategic imperative
  4. To help teams build a common mind-set around what effective team leadership looks like
  5. To identify preferred behaviours, style and values essential to support future growth and sustain organisational performance
  6. To actively engage team members in shaping the future and creating a desired culture

Team Development

In this world of dizzying change, we believe in the power of harnessing the collective to drive superior results, innovation, change responsiveness
and achieve a greater sense of purpose and belonging. Our team development programs are based on a foundation of building a shared and collective leadership to support future and sustained personal and
organisational growth. At Reinvention we have a proven track-record of designing and delivering proven programs and customised consulting offerings to build team alignment and engagement and optimise performance.

Solutions in this area include:

Design & delivery of customised team development programs. We are well known for our team facilitation expertise at Reinvention Consulting

Our brave and bold solutions provide tailored support in the following ways:

  1. For new teams and existing teams to drive superior performance and bold thinking
  2. To assist teams experiencing relational or performance blockages, significant challenges or potential derailment
  3. To assist teams better alignment and engagement
  4. To assist new team leaders set the compass with their teams
  5. To assist teams with business planning and the development of their strategic imperatives
  6. Harnessing and driving collective team wisdom to support future, sustained growth and organisational innovation

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