Reinventing Organisations

Transform your organisation

In today’s knowledge driven economy, the organisational context has been changing at warp speed leaving us at a loss as to how to maintain a healthy organisation while still maintaining competitive advantage. The answer lies in being able to balance people and performance goals while remaining hyperaware of what’s going on in a highly dynamic business environment. The survivors and winners will be those that adapt most effectively to change and its accompanying opportunities or, risk getting left behind.

Leading the way

To do this, organisations must commit to shifting mindsets from desperately holding on to past practice towards being open to new and renewed approaches and possibilities. Organisations get “disrupted” when they become stuck in their mindset and cannot re-orient to meet the changing needs of society. To this end we offer powerful and scientifically robust organisational solutions to guarantee future success by:

Developing a dynamic and bold strategic approach

Building brave and constructive organisational cultures

Designing robust and enlightened people systems and practices

Bold Strategy & Innovation

We have moved into the era of the fourth industrial revolution marked by innovators and entrepreneurs who are creating the next new thing at an accelerated and exciting pace. This raises the expectations for everyday business. In response, leading global institutions are operating with the belief that human creativity, pursuit of innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit present the most compelling growth opportunities.

Being able to unlock, direct, and harness this energy is the best path towards sustainable growth, renewal and success. In a world confined by finite resources, the human imagination is the only limitless frontier.

At Reinvention, we work with executives, entrepreneurs, boards, governments and social innovators to fully unleash their creative potential and create break through strategies that guide the launch and growth of any organisation toward new horizons.

Working with the team at Creative Change Management we draw on the central tenets of creative thinking, design principles and business application to help our client organisations define new opportunities by leveraging creative insights and perspectives.  This translates into a bold strategic roadmap to guide future growth and organisational potential.

Are you Ready?

Reinventing Culture

Put simply, culture matters.

The most important role leaders play is being able to manage, skilfully lead and shape their organisation’s culture. It a journey of faith, bravery and a commitment to leaving a legacy. When aligned with a forward-looking strategy, a strong and constructive company culture will be your most powerful driver of competitive advantage. At Reinvention Consulting we have a proven history of assisting organisations identify, grow and sustain desired cultures that drive real business results.

We work with leaders to become brave and conscious culture leaders and reinforce their culture through systems design, symbols and behaviours.

We work with organisations to:

  1. Define the target culture in support of the business strategy
  2. Diagnose the current culture and link to organisational outcomes
  3. Develop strategic culture plans
  4. Design and embed enduring, pervasive and implicit culture initiatives
  5. Implement a culture change methodology
  6. Build bold culture conscious leaders with the skills to lead and manage culture
  7. Measure culture impact

Recent Projects Include:

  1. Led the culture transformation of an award-winning ANZ law firm. The organisation identified culture as a key enabler of improved performance and as a key strategic priority to enable them to increase staff engagement, enhance leadership quality and increase market share.
  2. Directed the culture and leadership transformation of a large government utility in the natural resources sector. This two-year project working across the entire organisation and closely with the top 200 leaders and their teams to move to their desired target culture. Building the leadership capability with the future in mind and equipping them with the skills to execute and deliver were key outcomes.
  3. Guided the culture re-shape of a large government utility in the energy sector. Solutions focussed on top team development and emerging leader development with a view towards consciously building the desired culture were key outcomes of the project. Alignment of internal and external brand initiatives to reinforce desired culture outcomes also formed a key part of the success of this project.

Brave Talent Management

People make the critical difference between organisational success and failure.

By fully harnessing the potential of human capability, organisations create an unparalleled competitive advantage and success, however defined – be it increased productivity, profit or customer service. In today’s turbulent economy with the war for talent, the shifting demographic sands and shortage of skilled leaders, selecting, developing, engaging and retaining leaders of the future remains an organisation’s most pressing challenge.

We work in collaboration with our clients to better manage their talent and maximise their competitive advantage by offering a range of specialised services to help attract, retain and develop critical talent required to strategically position them for competitive advantage in an ever-challenging market:

Our team effectiveness evaluations illuminate our clients in the following ways:

  1. We create leading talent management optimisation strategies
  2. We develop whole-of-organisation talent management programs and processes
  3. We conduct talent reviews and people diagnostics to optimise people performance
  4. We build succession management and key talent retention strategies and processes
  5. We build organisation-specific leadership capability frameworks to support your desired culture and business goals for optimised leadership and organisational performance

People Transition & Integration

Transitions are a natural part of life. Though the circumstances and challenges always change, the key to navigating the course rests in our ability to successfully move forward positively and proactively in all aspects of our lives.

There is no question that the 21st century represents a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty, particularly in the world of work where mammoth shifts in the global economy means that leaders must be on the front foot in strategically anticipating what lies ahead, shaping the destiny of what is to come and illuminating the path that lies ahead for others to follow.

As leaders no greater challenge exists than to successfully guide your organisation through unchartered terrain and rally your people into a driving force to create a new, even brighter future.

At Reinvention we are well versed in how to engage, align, integrate and transition your people through periods of career upheaval, change and uncertainty. Whether it be through an M&A situation, through organisational change and reform, a period of downsizing or shut-down, or successfully reintegrating employees post union action like a strike or lock-out we provide services at every stage of the career life cycle.

We offer People Transition and Integration Support with a brighter future in mind.

Some of our success stories have seen us:

  1. Partner with the Executive Team and 400 leaders and managers of national media organisation to design, implement and reintegrate 4,000 leaders and employees post lockout nationally.
  2. Create the strategy and design and implement the return to work program for 600 leaders and employees at a global mining organisation.
  3. Lead, design and implement the “Revitalisation” Program for 300 leaders and employees at government organisation when it failed to mutualise.
  4. Manage Career Transition & Outplacement Services for large-scale global restructuring and downsizing initiatives across multiple industry sectors.
  5. Provide M&A People Integration Support across multiple organisations and industry sectors.
  6. Principal Advisors in National Change and Reform initiatives

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